Nigerian Artist and Engineer Nissi Ogulu is unapologetically breaking boundaries

The U.K born Nigerian has a sweet and unbreakable spot between engineering and music and it’s ground breaking!

With her motto “making Africa cool again”, the Nigerian artist and engineer Nissi Ogulu unapologetically balances the creative and engineering worlds perfectly.

With a stunning Portillo of work in various fields, Nissi is a musician, art director and engineer. She is the founder of Creele Animations Studios. Also, with a bachelor’s degree in her bag, she is a certified Chartered Engineer focusing on Sustainable Product Design and Innovation.

Achieving many accolades, Nissi’s latest achievement wow the world especially fans of women’s success stories. She worked as the Lead Project Engineer of the team that designed the New Range Rover car.

Her Linkedin profile reveals that she has been working with Jaguar Land Rover for the past three years, describing her role as a Project Manager and Commodity Owner. Her responsibilities include “problem-solving, overseeing the delivery of the product through its full production cycle from the design phase to supplier sourcing and manufacturing stages until it reaches customer shipment readiness”.

This is not her first time in the automotive space; in 2016, she also worked with Jaguar Land Rover as a Lead Project Manager.

Musically, Nissi’s determination to see ‘Africa cool again’ is unmatched. Her music revolves around female liberation, political reforms and education among other relevant social issues. 

Her determination to address social issues through her music is of no question, which can be dated back to 2016 when she released “Pay Attention.”

In the song, –Nissi Ogulu– spoke out against the killings, brutality, and discrimination based on race, gender, religion and ethnicity. The song, featured on many international platforms, also paid homage to Africa’s great talent  Fela  Kuti with a sample from the opening monologue of the 1986 Fela Kuti classic ‘Teacher Don’t Teach Me Nonsense.  The track couldn’t ignore Nissi’s strong songwriting skills and commanding vocals.

Apart from songs advocating for betterment only, the UK born Nigerian is also a great entertainer, and her songs can be what you need to calm down. Her song ‘Judi’, meaning in English dance, is the ‘antidote to our anxiety-ridden times’ described by British Vogue.

The video directed by Nigerian creative The Alien shows Lagosian youth display impressive choreography with colours throughout the video.

Being the founder of the Creele–an animation studio-, Nissi wants to “tell stories that portray the creative brilliance of Africa that bring our narrative to the forefront and then start to champion the media and the education system so that we start to understand more about culture in what we watch.”

Nissi grew up in a creative home — and started playing the piano at an early age.  With a talented and enterprising mother and brother(Mother Bose Ogulu and brother Burna Boy), Nissi Ogulu’s mission is to revive her childhood and motivate Africans.

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