ActionSA: Nasiphi Moya Is Set to Make History as the First Deputy Mayor of Tshwane

Dr. Nasiphi Moya Nominee for Tshwane Deputy Executive Mayor

Dr. Nasiphi Moya, who is set to take on the position of deputy mayor for Tshwane under the ActionSA banner, promised in her official announcement on January 15 to improve service delivery in the city. Addressing opposition concerns over the deputy mayor role, Moya made it clear that her top priority was coalition governance and that public service should have priority above political status.

Undeterred by the challenges faced by the coalition over the past two years, Moya assured the opposition of her unwavering dedication to creating a coalition that would genuinely serve the interests of all Tshwane residents. She expressed gratitude for the confidence vested in her by ActionSA’s leadership and coalition partners, underscoring her profound respect for the voters who entrusted the coalition with the responsibility of enhancing the city’s pride.

With a notable track record of service in various capacities within Tshwane, including roles as the group head in the chief whip’s office and later as the chief of staff in the executive mayor’s office, Moya emphasized her intimate familiarity with the city. She conveyed her determination to leverage her extensive experience and expertise for the betterment of Tshwane, showcasing a deep-rooted commitment to the city’s prosperity.

Moya highlighted the range of her responsibilities as deputy mayor, involving the oversight of capital projects, monitoring regional service delivery, and collaborative interaction with the COO portfolio. She listed strategic targets that included reducing grant repayments to the federal government, eliminating under-expenditure in the capital budget, and taking care of unfinished projects across the city, all while highlighting the necessity for a team effort.

In her closing statements, Moya reiterated her unwavering dedication to serving the residents of Tshwane and contributing substantially to the city’s progress. Her commitment extended beyond mere rhetoric, emphasizing a hands-on approach to tackle the intricacies of governance and administration. With an optimistic outlook, she expressed confidence in the collaborative potential of the coalition and its ability to overcome challenges, ultimately steering Tshwane towards a future characterized by enhanced service delivery, fiscal responsibility, and the successful completion of critical projects for the benefit of the city’s populace.


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