Lady Zamar, a South African singer and writer, returns with her new album ‘Rainbow’ after a five-year break

South African singer Lady Zamar Come Back with new Album

A South African singer Lady Zamar, the multi-award-winning singer hailing from Tembisa, is poised to make a triumphant return to the music scene with her highly anticipated album, ‘Rainbow’, after a five-year hiatus since the release of her last album, ‘Monarch’.

The creative journey leading up to ‘Rainbow’ has been nothing short of tumultuous for Lady Zamar. Facing multiple vocal surgeries and starting the entire process anew, she navigated through stormy challenges to bring forth this musical masterpiece. Reflecting on the journey, Lady Zamar revealed, “The journey to ‘Rainbow’ started around 2020. It was during the Covid pandemic, and I had just released my previous full-length album, ‘Monarch,’ which had garnered significant acclaim. I returned to the drawing board, engaging in extensive tracking to explore new musical horizons.”

In 2021, after undergoing vocal training, Lady Zamar initially crafted an entire album. However, it didn’t meet her artistic vision, prompting her and her team to make the bold decision to start afresh. She shared, “We worked and worked, tried more things that didn’t work until eventually we created the song that would become ‘Castles’. It then became the cornerstone of the album, and now we had a clearer direction of where we were going.”

The process of creating ‘Rainbow’ served as a cleansing and empowering experience for the singer. Lady Zamar emphasized the importance of having the right energy around her during the creative process, stating, “I think it’s been an empowering process because I feel like I’ve reclaimed my identity in this process.”

One of the notable aspects of ‘Rainbow’ is the evident growth in Lady Zamar’s voice. Having undergone vocal training and experimenting with various tones, she aimed for a balanced and versatile vocal presentation. She explained, “I’ve played around with some lush and beautiful tones, it goes from husky to angelic. I really feel proud of the versatility I showed with my vocals.”

Describing the album as a very fun and storytelling experience, Lady Zamar shared insights into what fans can expect. “There’ll be great stories, sensational vocals, and some memorable tracks for everyone. You’ll also hear some Lady Zamar on amapiano beats on this album, and if you know my roots, you’ll know it’s a sound I’ve always been close to!”

The album promises to be a musical journey with Lady Zamar exploring different facets of her artistry. The inclusion of amapiano beats adds an exciting dimension, showcasing her versatility and connection to her musical roots. With ‘Rainbow,’ Lady Zamar invites her audience to immerse themselves in a world of vibrant stories and captivating melodies.

As Lady Zamar gears up to release ‘Rainbow,’ her fans can anticipate not only a sonic delight but also a testament to her resilience and dedication to her craft. The album stands as a symbol of artistic rebirth, with Lady Zamar emerging stronger and more empowered than ever. ‘Rainbow’ is poised to leave an indelible mark on the music landscape, solidifying Lady Zamar’s position as a dynamic and influential force in the industry.

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