How Gambia’s Gina Bass became the country’s star despite being Called a “poor Olympian”

In 2016, Gina Bass became the first female Gambian to represent the country at the Olympics—after her return, many probably assumed she will be one of the wealthiest celebrities in the streets of the Gambia, however, some began calling her the “a poor Olympian”.

For a girl to be called “poorest Olympian” by some of her countrymen, to give up on her career could have been easy but Gina’s dreams were bigger than giving up.

With humble beginnings, Gina Bass was born in Touba Couta in senegal then moved to The Gambia. Her choice and talents for athletics manifested at an early age.
Sports is one of the most lucrative jobs globally but Gambia’ Gina Bass—is yet to eat enough on the piece of cake.

After been the African 200m track champion in 2019—Gina was hopeful of been financially stable as sports is her only source of income, she once told sports journalist Omar Jarju—of The Chronicle Gambia

In the same year, Bass opened up how some people call her a “poor Olympian” while revealing some of the financial constraints athletes face in The Gambia, in a video published by BBC Sport Africa.

Bass who will be participating in the Tokyo Olympics 2021—made her first international appearance was at the world champion in 2011—ever since, she has been winning big making her one of the most celebrated sports personality—in the Gambia.

Gina is one of Gambia’s most decorated Athletes

The 200m sprinter—continues to be a household name in The Gambia; she won a Gold medal in 100meters at the just ended world Athletics meeting International de Atletismo Andujar Spain. She also won the 60m indoors season 6 out of 6 events becoming the crown 2020 world athletics woman 60m indoor tour—setting a new PB over the 60m indoors distance.

Her accolades also include a gold medal in 200m at the all African Games 2019–  and silver respectively, Best African Time of the year (2021) in 200m.
She became the first Gambian to reach the World Championships final; Bass never felt reluctant in working to win more, she further gains victory at the African Games in Rabat, Morocco 2019— as well as setting three national records.

Gina Bass — is celebrated by many Gambians and seen as an inspirational figure to many especially girls who wish to follow in her footsteps.

Due to her current preparations for the Olympics Games 2022—The sprinter was not able to grant The Sisters Show an interview.
Nevertheless, we hope to bring you an exclusive interview with her as soon as she is available to the media. Stay tuned!


Source: BBC Sport Africa, The Chronicle Gambia

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