Beyonce Donates Huge Amount to Help Black-Owned Small Businesses

Beyoncé is enduring to provide to Black-owned businesses. The “Love On Top” singer’s BeyGOOD organization announced on Wednesday (Sep. 2) that she is donating a huge fund to help Black-owned small businesses all around the country. “Proud to announce impactful funds from Beyoncé to help Black-owned small businesses. Round two of funding opens this month with our partner, NAACP,” reads an announcement posted on the foundation’s official Instagram account.

Rear in July, BeyGOOD and NAACP united to commence the Black-Owned Small Business Impact Fund. The objective was “to assist support small businesses and guarantee financial empowerment for Black businesses.” The project awarded helpful grants to numerous Black-owned small businesses that were harshly impacted by the pandemic. According to the guidelines, the business owners had to give proof of belongings break or a substitute approximation. The primary round of applications closed in July and the 20 recipients were announced on on Aug. 18.

Beyoncé continues to be a vocal supporter of the Black Lives Matter association with her newest effort aimed at sustaining small Black-owned businesses through a corporation with the NAACP.

This is just one of the numerous current steps Beyoncé has taken to display support of the existing national protests and calls for communal justice reforms. In June, she penned a communication to Kentucky’s Attorney General demanding fairness for Breonna Taylor. She took to Instagram to contact out to her followers to sign a petition asking for justice in concerns to George Floyd’s murder. She also took out full-page ads in main newspapers with husband JAY-Z. She also revamped her website to comprise the new Black Parade Route in the merriment of Black activism, artists and Black-owned brands.

The fresh donation is presently one of a few ways Beyonce has prearranged back to society this year. After joining Megan Thee Stallion for a remix of “Savage,” the two artists donated the proceeds from the song to a Houston nonprofit and the aid organization received over 500 new donations contained by 24 hours after the song arrived. Soon after, she launched a movement with her BeyGOOD foundation that offered 1,000 coronavirus testing kits, face masks, gloves, vitamins, and household supplies to Houston natives.

Beyonce always made a powerful statement with each of her actions. She touched on how race and gender played a fraction in music corporations ignoring some talented candidates. The world needs more voices, like Beyonce. She never missed a chance for us to know that “Yes, we are heard”, and we are not alone.

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