Amanda Gorman: Perseverance Personified

If we are looking forward to seeing another “how it started and how it’s going” challenge, then Amanda Gorman’s story is a perfect fit.

A writer, performer and activis,without doubt, the 22-year-old has soared above all odds and challenges to wow the entire world.

Born with special needs in Los Angeles, Gorman faced speech impediment but that never stopped her from pursuing her dreams.

In her early childhood, she experienced ear infections and developed an auditory processing disorder that resulted in a speech impediment. In the early stage of her career, the poet—struggled to process the letter “R” making her practice and perfect herself to perform flawlessly. Gorman who performed in front of Hillary Clinton and human right activist Malala Yousufzai strived for many years not to pronounce “poetry as poetwy”.

Growing up, Amanda was raised by a single mother Joan Wicks, who also happened to be an English teacher. Her mother was undeniably a huge support system to her. In an interview with Los Angeles Times, Gorman acknowledged how “having a mother who is a teacher had a huge impact on me her”.
As her mother saw her love for books and writing, she couldn’t have done anything than to support Gorman.


Despite the challenges , the young brilliant and talented poet stand out in poetry and writing.

Amanda Gorman became the first National Youth Poet Laureate in 2017.

Soaring above all odds, Gorman doesn’t see her “disability as a weakness”. She believes that made her the –”performer she is and the storyteller she strives to be”.


Amanda became the headline on every media outlet during the U.S presidential inauguration. The young poet– who was recommended by the first lady Jill Biden, recited a master piece work of art. In an article we published about the inauguration, we described Amanda’s work as a “well written poem, well performed at the right place at the right time.”

Her Instagram followers massively grew to 2 million, after reading her poem titled, “The Hills We Climb”.

After her work spoke for itself at the — historic Biden—Harris inauguration, it seems her career path is falling on the right track like never before.
Her books “Change sings: children’s anthems and The Hills We Climb” reached number 1 and 2 on Amazon books chart.

What’s more historic is that, the books are not even available yet—her sales record are based on pre orders for now.
Amanda Gorman—tweeted :

“I am on the floor my books are #1 and #2 on amazon after 1 day! Thank you”.

Folks, this girl is not slowing down a bit you know LOL!
Before we could finish celebrating her last success, she made news again boom with the headline ! “Amanda signs with IMG models”.
The young National Laureate poet,–reached a deal with IMG Models–a home to many popular faces in the fashion industry. According to Essence report, the deal reached is to help Amanda with “editorial endorsement” as she will be “front facing and leading a lot more campaigns in the future”.

“Change is occurring in the fashion industry and it’s a shift that each of us can advocate for across all brand,” said Gorman in an interview with Teen Vogue.

Want to watch her perform soon? Amanda will be reciting a poem before the Super Bowl LV dedicated to the “honorary captains” who dedicated their lives to humanity during the pandemic. The event is schedule for 7th February 2021.

We are wishing this brilliant lady—Amanda Gorman- all the best as she picks up new roles and responsibilities. We are hoping that aspiring writers or anyone facing a challenge in pursuing his/her career will be inspired by Amanda’s story.

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