The SISTERS Show- What Is The Sisters Show?

We Connect – The Sisters Show wants to connect Africans globally. We want to give our audience the chance to learn about different African cultures from music, art, family, and news events. Our goal is to have diverse guests on our platform with different backgrounds to share their stories and expertise with our audience. We

Educate & Empower –The Sisters Show will bring to you guests with different careers and expertise (Financial Advisers, Doctors, Dietitian Therapist, IT Specialists, Entrepreneurship, Artists etc.) to share their experience and exchange ideas with our audience. This will enable Africans to exchange information and allows for teachable and AHA moments. We will empower African descendants by providing tools, life lessons and connect Africans to be embolden and be well prepared for life in today’s ever changing landscape.

We welcome you to be part of The Sisters Show as we take this journey to connect African descendants, educate, inspire and empower the current and next generation through honest conversations. The Sisters Show believes when we connect to have honest conversations, we can educate, inspire and empower each other.

Abe Willson Administrator
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