Women’s Spotlight: Meet Mariama Colley, An Award-Winning Gambian Actress

It’s Women’s Month and we couldn’t help but to rollout The Sisters Show Women Spotlight. This is a column dedicated to hard-working women doing excellent in their careers while impacting society. We shall spotlight a woman on Mondays to celebrate and inspire especially, young girls out there. There is no better feeling than uplifting the spirits of women all around us by celebrating and sharing their journeys.

Today the woman we are spotlighting is the talented–Mariama Colley. Mariama is an international awarding-winning actress– whose work has been celebrated both in The Gambia and abroad. Apart from acting, Mariama is a radio presenter, event host– and activist. Her passion for acting and media can be dated back to her school days, where she was actively involved in extra curriculum activities.
In 2020, The Hollywood International Golden Films–awarded her the Outstanding Up ¬&Coming Actress of The Year. But like most women, there is an incredible story and a lot of hard work before landing on that recognition. Having to deal with stereotypes surrounding acting and media in The Gambia, having to work twice compared to male counterparts to prove that she is fit for the job among others.

We catch up with Mariama and she shared with us her amazing story which includes her inspirations, challenges and what keeps her moving.

The Sisters Show

Tell us your story. And what inspired your current career.

Mariama Colley

Mariama Colley is an International awarding winning actress, an activist and a radio presenter. I was born and raised in Brikama (The Gambia). My inspiration started in primary school through our drama club and organizations I was part of. When we used drama and media as an advocacy tool–to create awareness on issues that we were campaigning against. That was the entire journey started and the passion for media and acting.

The Sisters Show

How did childhood influence your career?

Mariama Colley

My childhood I think did influence my career according to my family, I have always been a very Interesting child who was always open to express herself and I think my creativity or sense of creativity started as a child where I will open books and started doing image reading. I will look at a particular imagine and read and make a whole scenario around it.

Watch the video of her interview and you will understand why she is on The Sisters Show Spotlight.

Do you know any women doing amazing work in their field or impacting their societies or the world at large? Do they have inspiring stories? Are you that woman? let’s get in touch and we will love to feature your story on our Women Spotlight! We welcome submissions via email at [email protected] so be sure to share the women who inspire you so we can celebrate them.



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