Tunisia’s Ahmed Hafnaoui and Mohammed Khalil Jendoubi win medals at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Team Africa is not here to play! After the Olympic Games were officially opened on Saturday, two Tunisian Olympians win medals during the weekend competition.

Mohammed Khalil Jendoubi wins Africa’s first medal of the delayed 2020 Tokyo games— on Saturday.
He received a silver medal after a fight with Italy’s Vito Dell’Aquila, who secured gold in the final of the men’s taekwondo 58kg category.

Before the fight with Dell’Aquila, Mohammed Khalil Jendoubi—who is 19, got a surprise victory over Ethiopia’s Solomon Demse. The triumph was followed by beating the top-ranked gold medal holder of South Korea, Jang Jun.

Moving away from Jendoubi, another Tunisian teen making headlines in the Olympics is Ahmed Hafnaoui. Ahmed Hafnaoui—won Africa’s first gold medal of the 2020 Toyoko Games. The Tunisian swimmer—has a surprising victory in the Men’s 400m freestyle with three minutes 43.36 seconds.

Hafnaoui, son of Mohamed Hafnaoui, a former basketball player in the Tunisian national team, longed strived for a gold medal in the Olympic games.

In 2019, he shared with La Presse, a Tunisian media outlet, that “he aimed to win gold at the 2024 Olympics Games in Paris.”

Tunisia is so far doing great, as this is the fifth-ever gold medal in the history of the Olympics and third in swimming.

We are looking forward to more wins for Africa in the coming days at the Tokyo Games 2020.

Source- BBC Sports 

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