The high levels of stress and anxiety induced by events in 2020, including the Corona virus pandemic has left us all drained.

If anything has been proven by the pandemic,it’s that working  from home,sitting through long video calls we would rather avoid at the slightest excuse, while making sure the needs of children and spouses are met is no mean feat.

To apply relief to the sharpest points of your pain and stress, The Sisters Show is pleased to point you in the direction of 3 African songs that will keep you upbeat, soothe your heart and leave your ears in awe. With the combo of beautiful lyrics, melody and great visuals you won’t fail to get the much needed rest and relaxation.So let’s get to it,because we know you can’t wait.


 “Reckless”  is a song in Wizkid’s “ Made in Lagos” album. Lately, Wizkid has been  manifesting so much love for his family,especially his children. Well in the “Reckless” track he didn’t hesitate to bare the contents of his heart with lyrics like  “and I go do anything for my family”…. it’s beautiful to see him pay homage to his family.

He doesn’t need introduction,I presume. Wizkid is a Nigerian artiste who has over the years developed a global reputation. You might have heard about “Made in Lagos” Album, or even taken a listen.As wizkid himself said “Made in Lagos” album was not made for clubs. It is a story he is telling, a story through music.

“Made in Lagos” is wizkid’s latest album making waves around the world. In this album, fans get to see a grown, matured and yet still good artiste throughout the album. The artiste talks about his wins, losses, pleasures, growth and peace. Featuring H.E.R, Wizkid celebrated womanhood in the track called “Smile”. Speaking of women, “mighty wine” could be something that will put you on your feet for long. And “Roma” is a song the album will not be complete without. Listen to the album, enjoy good music and the calmness it oozes throughout. you can listen to the ablum here


The award winning artiste recently released a single that’s attracted rave reviews both  in The Gambia and beyond . “Kokoliko”(meaning cock-a-doodle-doo in English).The song is more of a party song saying we will party till the cock makes the cock-a-doodle-doo sound in the morning. With great visuals that accompanied the song it’s mandatory listening for all. ST is a Gambian rapper well known for his flawless lyrics in his native Mandinka language. Even when you don’t understand the Mandinka dialect he uses in his songs, you are bound to ask for more servings of his music once you got a taste.Don’t try.




Jerusalema is a South African song.The two artistes made use of danceable melodies that has made echoes around the world.Master KG is a South  African Dj and record producer, while Nomcebo is a south African vocalist. The gospel- influenced song has  been a global hit since its release. watch the video here


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