The Black Surgeon Who Helped Tessica Brown Get Rid Of Gorilla Glue Deserves Million Thank You Notes

This is a classic and refreshing case of black on black care and love. It’s an amazing spectacle.

For the past week, Tessica had been worried, as almost everyone else on social media. Everyone worried how she would take off the Gorilla Glue she had on her hair. After many failed attempts, a saviour finally showed up.

On Thursday morning, a video was lasting 3 hours made circulation on social media leaving almost everyone speechless .Tessica finally got her hair back with no harm.

Dr Michael K.Obeng, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon offered to help Tessica to take off the glue at no cost.

After the three-hour procedure, Dr Obeng shared with Essence that he used his background in chemistry “to create solvent made of medical-grade adhesive remover and acetone to break through the month’s long shell”. He also included olive oil and aloe Vera to help “smooth the scalp”.

He added that “Some of these chemicals in the solvent could have potentially caused chemical burns but we were equipped to deal with that.”

The surgeon further reveals that “due to the chemicals and the state the hair has been in, it will initially be damaged, but she will have hair. And it will continue to grow back.”

While Tessica’s full recovery is believed to be “minimal”, at this time there will be a need to monitor what products she uses on her hair, but “she’s going to have a one-hundred percent recovery”.

Tessica Brown is a 40-year old from Louisiana who took to social media on 4th February asking for help after the used an unusual glue on her hair.

Who is Dr Obeng?

Dr Michael Obeng is a Ghanaian plastic surgeon based in Beverly Hills,California. He is the founder and CEO of Restoring Emotional Stability Through Outstanding Reconstructive Efforts. (R.E.S.T.O.R.E).This organization mission is to “undertake projects to other countries to provide free reconstructive surgery and related medical services”. He is a certified plastic surgeon who was named among America’s Top Plastic Surgeons by the Consumer Research Council of America in 2011.

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