Perfect lyrics, great dance moves, beautiful visuals, priceless concept are the things that comprise ST’s latest song, “Cigaretto”.
And guess what? The song has no English verse in it and it is still making waves across platforms.
Since the Gambian multi-award winning artist announced he would release his album in February , fans have been anticipating the songs he will release given how successful his last album was (“Gambiana”).

First of the new album was “Jatoo”, a video that garnered a 5-star rating , then “Kokoliko. Oh boy fans were speechless and now “Cigaretto”, the man from Brikama (a town in Gambia) is truly a hit maker.

The Gambian born artist crossed borders to produce a top-notch song and visuals wowing his fans. “Cigaretto” talks about the damages cigarette causes to one’s health and how addictive one can be to smoking. The song which was fully sang in the Mandinka dialect, received positive comments on social media platforms. In less than 24 hours,the song has already gathered over 50k views on YouTube.

Despite the strong moral message, the song will not fail to entertain and enlighten you all at once.
Still doubting while you should be hyping like us, watch “Cigaretto” below



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