Is Ousmane Sonko a Rapist or Victim of “Dirty Politics”?

Ousmane Sonko: Accused or Victim?

Controversy has surrounded one of Senegal’s top opposition leaders Ousmane Sonko. The head of Pastef party was accused by a woman of rape. These allegations came after Sonko started going to a massage parlor. This has steered up the long drawn conversation about rape in Africa leaving many disgusted by the top Senegalese figure, while others think he is a victim of “dirty politics”.

Nevertheless, Sonko himself broke the silence about this burning issue. He denied the allegations of rape – but confirmed seeking massage therapy at a parlour owned by a married woman and it was as a result of medical recommendation by doctors.

He added that as a married Muslim, he asked advice from his Ustad before starting the massage therapy.
The 46-year-old politician who is also seen as a strong contender against the current president Macky Sall– also added that these allegations are an “attempt at political liquidation” accusing the current president of the West African state.

On Monday, supporters of Sonko clashed with security officers in Dakar the capital city–as supporters of Pastef told the AFP News that “Sonko refuse to attend police summon”. Some Senegalese and supporters of Sonko believe this is a ruse to “silence him”.

The allegations came in a time of uncertainty amid rumors Sall plans to run for third term in the former French colony.
As we all wait for investigations and further engagement by the responsible authorities, we still ask is Ousmane Sonko a rapist or a victim of dirty politics?

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