Here Are Reasons Why We Should All Watch “Waffles + Mochi” By Michelle Obama On Netflix

Most of us were thrilled when the former US First Lady, Michelle Obama_, announced her new show on Netflix. The show which is based on healthy eating for children is the latest project by Higher Ground Production – Barack and Michelle Obama’s production company.

Featuring Michelle Obama as a supermarket owner, she will be travelling the world alongside two puppets named Waffle and Mochi to cook and become top chefs while teaching parents and children how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and eating habits.

So, as we are all excited and eager to watch the show, here are some reasons why we should all watch this captivating TV series once its premiered.


We all have connection to children in one way or the other–whether they are our children, siblings, nephew, niece or even a friend’s child.

Waffle + Mochi is all about cooking, healthy lifestyle for children and laughter, so there is no reason to fail to watch the latest project from Higher Ground Production. More so, the show is in partnership with Healthier America “to help kids build healthy habits and help families in need cook with fresh ingredients together at home”.


We all know Michelle and her love for children and their well-being. She has been championing children’s well-being for so long now. An instance is the “Let’s Move” campaign and other initiatives to provide affordable foods to families.

As the trio will be traveling to different parts of the world, we the viewers especially young mums will be open to diverse ways of healthy cooking and lifestyle– and wellness.

As we expect Waffle + Mochi on Netflix– by March 16th, 2021, let’s enjoy the official trailer below!

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