2020 has been a wild year, from the pandemic, to the fight against racial injustice , one could say it’s a year in which many didn’t rest.

As the year draws to a close,black personalities from different works of life are gracing renown magazines covers with pride. But the most amazing thing is that racism and injustice is a common theme they all have.

Kamala Harris, LeBron James and racism-justice activist Porche Bennett -Bey, tennis star Naomi Osaka are part of the celebrated persons on Time annual issue and vogue January 2021 magazine issues respectively.

The Time’s annual issue which awards and celebrates well deserved personalities from different works of life was announced earlier this month . In a year dominated by headlines on racial injustice around the world, the annual issue celebrated some black personalities who blazed the trail.

Kamala Harris, the vice president elect of the US was named the Person of The Year,alongside Joe Biden, president elect of the US.
The duo whose election restored hope to the people of America including the marginalised groups are worthy of celebrating this year, after a resounding victory in November. After being told they were losing the elections, Biden and his team didn’t listen to anyone. Accompanied by a resilient and determined black woman, history was rewritten by the end of the election.

Moving forward, part of the organizers of the world’s most powerful protest ever, Black Lives Matter, wasn’t an exception on Time’s celebrated persons. The woman from Kenosha, was named Guardian of The Year. Guardians look after their children, and yes, Bey did exactly that. The mother of three and veteran army quit her job to devote herself and time to the work of fighting racial injustice. The bold and fearless mother made the headlines when Biden went to Kenosha for a listening session at the Lutheran church by saying

“A lot of people wouldn’t tell you the truth, but I’m telling the truth”.

She spoke frankly and openly about black lives being threatened,how the officers who shot Jacob Blake were working freely, frustration about housing and even their children’s health.

But how can we end this article forgetting the two great sport personalities, Naomi Osaka and LeBron James.

LeBron James was named Time magazine’s Athlete of The Year, James who is one of the leading sports voices speaking about injustice and racism, set up “More than a vote”. The organization uses black athletes and artists who wield their voices to educate the public about the process and need to vote in the last November elections.

On the other hand, Osaka has been chosen as Vogue’s January Issue 2021 cover, the slam winner who also uses her voice to talk about injustice and police brutality says these words in the vogue issue.

“I am black and I live in America, and I personality didn’t think it was too far fechted when I started talking about things that were happening here.”

Now you see why it’s Black Power.


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