When future generations of people of colour come along, they will read a history about their forebears who broke barriers and held the highest political positions in powerful countries – they will realise despite hardships survived by the black community, people like Kamala Harris have achieved extraordinary success. Today, black history has been rewritten with the help of a determined black woman who stands to become not  only first female vice president of America – but also the first black and South  Asian woman to serve in the role.

Kamala Harris, born to an Indian mother and Jamaican father, campaigned using a personal tone to communicate with Americans at all levels. Despite 2020 being a year filled with supreme challenges, a year that the black community stood against police brutality and racism, this win by Kamala is a resurrection of hope to many, especially black women and mothers.

Pc: The Texas Tribune


As historic moments unfolded in the US during these elections, members of the African-American community have shown  the world the meaning of black power. On the political front, apart  from kamala being the first ever elected female vice president emerging from a marginalised group of people in America, Barack Obama being  on the forefront during campaigns for the Democrats felt like 2008 presidential elections for many people. Moreover, the number of elected members in the House of Representatives and Senate saw a rise among minorities.

“We’ve seen more interest in the electoral process and even in African Americans running for office.  However, it’s not nearly enough. But I think it tells the world that as descendants of Africa who have been in America since its founding, we have a strength that will not be extinguished. We sparked the largest demonstrations of one issue the world has ever seen. Black Lives Matter is a global phenomenon that we hope has had positive impacts on improving the welfare of black and brown people globally. But in this country, we will continue to fight through the political process to exact change in this country”, says Cedric, Dallas, Tx

As the world awaits the historic swearing-in of kamala Harris in early 2021, we at The Sisters Show are saying congratulations to every American who took part in rewriting black history with such an accomplishment.

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