Are Wide-legged Pants Back? Wally Seck Fashion Style on Gambia Independence Day. A Hit Or Miss?

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Wally Seck is one of the Senegalese superstar musician also recognized as ‘the singer of the people”. In a recent event in The Gambia, he was at a show which was part of Gambia’s Independence celebration. The event was grand as expected but his fashion was unexpected. Or should we say bellybutton wide leg men pants are back in style!

Wally had on a basic well fit grey T-shirt under a Louis Vuitton half puff jacket, a white wide-leg pleated trouser over Louis Vuitton Timberland boots. The combination sounded okay until his Gambian fans wondered about his old fashion looking wide-legged trouser variety.

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According to GQ fashion magazine, the wide-trouser leg are the new revolution in men wear designed by Brando and David Bowie. Being part of the “cyclical fashion”, these versatile designs with flattening cuts could be future of men’s wear. Wide-leg trouser are available and affordable in a wider variety; Cos, Arket with pressed creases, Gucchi, Asos design that is slightly tapered, E Tautz baggy jeans with pleats and detailing all the way to olive which is a combination of contemporary clothing and modern styles.

Then it’s about time start embracing this future fashion!

Wally Seck is famous for his first successful Bo-Dioudo album, His 2020 Extended play release Afromix and Afromix 2 and his latest Xippil Xoll Extended play album which is very educational and entertaining. He received  the Man of the Year award in 2014 by OMART (Observatory of Music and the Arts). Wally’s music touches on normal life events that resonate with the people giving him a huge fan base in his home country Senegal, The Gambia and diaspora.


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