Whether you have been in the entrepreneurial world for years or you are just embarking on your entrepreneurial journey, there is always one common goal- success. For many young people entrepreneurships is just a journey they want to take after failing to secure a job after years of studies. Nevertheless, entrepreneurship has been here for so many years. As Africans, the first form of entrepreneurship some of us have an encounter with is our parents’ small-scale businesses which are mainly for survival and family use.

In recent years, entrepreneurship has been one of the most sustainable careers across the world and it’s undeniably contributing largely to the world economy. In this blog post, we share with you three proven secrets to success in entrepreneurship.



“Passion is everything”-

These are the words of Ousainou Dambell, A Gambian business man with over two decades of experience and also the CEO of DBC (Dambell Business Corporation).

When one talks to successful entrepreneurs, the first thing they will tell you is be passionate about what you are embarking on. As far as profit is very vital in business, passion is more vital, it is that spark that will help you think of great ideas, that one thing that will make you do sacrifices. So, if there is one thing you will exclude on your way to success in entrepreneurship, passion is not the one.



When you are in business, being unique and innovative is not an exception to leading ahead of your competition. Even if you are in the same business, thinking of ideas that will make you stand out will go a long way for you. 

On episode 11 of The Sisters Show, Business Mogul Ousainou Dambell shares a very important advice related to innovation in business.

“We have to stop following other people’s innovation, their dreams, their journey because everybody has something different. We have to dare to innovate differently. Then with that you start unique and your business will thrive. We need an army of entrepreneurs that will come with various ideas and that’s what will develop Africa and our livelihood.”



Business is not about starting and when things get tough you give up, it’s about fighting, striving and overcoming hurdles along the way.

“Most of the time, people start businesses and eventually just gives up.  Its not going to come easy, sometimes a lot of hurdles will be on your way,but you always need to continued and have that endurance to continue with the struggle until things happen. It’s just like riding a bike, whenever you stop moving in business that’s when you fall. You keep going, you never stop.” Said the DBC  CEO.


Watch the complete episode below for more of DBC CEO’s entrepreneurial wisdom.


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