Ranging from ages of 7-27, these young film makers set out to complete the missing puzzle in a multi billion Nollywood industry – creating sci-fic movies. This resulted in the incorporation of The Critics company.

The dream to produce a sci-fi movie came to reality in 2016 when they produced “Redemption”, their first short movie. The self-taught — film makers–eventually turned into a social media sensation with their short sci fic movies.

After many years of watching the same storyline in — Nollywood movies, the group of ten wanted to see something adventurous — this was one of the major outcomes of creating The Critics.


The Critics Company on set shooting one of their short movies.

In an interview with The Sisters Show, Richard Yusuff, the script supervisor at The Critics company opened up about their love for sci-fi movies and the environment in which they grew up.

“Most of the films shown weren’t the kind of films we liked to watch.We love films where people are flying, guys shooing, muscles busting, we loves all of that and we never saw that in Nollywood so that really inspired us to make such movies we actually want to see”.

Growing up, our parents wanted us to actually surpass the limits of the Nigerian kid – like our age. So, we had access to information and that was actually what propelled use to make films that will appeal to every single person.”

The Critics company-which consists of brothers, cousins and friends started off with use of mobile phones to shoot movies. Despite the limited resources, these — young creatives went viral to the extent of getting –Hollywood attention.
After one of their interviews went viral, they were contacted by the Hollywood film executives. Franklin Leonard and JJ Abrams were amazed with The Critics talent and decided to send them film making essentials and gears to enhance their work.

In an interview with the Hollywood reporter in September, Abrams said:

“They already have the important stuff: talent, determination and huge hearts and getting them gears was just adding fuel to their awesome fire”.

Members of The Critics Company

Discussing about youth, career choices and the African community in brief, Lawson Titus, the sound engineer at The Critics recounted his parent’s refusal to take up film making as a career.

Lawson Titus–Sound Engineer– The Critics Company

“Personally, when I actually told my parents about me making a step into the film industry—to be a film maker, my parents especially my dad was strongly against it because to him, school was the only way to success. Being a lawyer – he believes that school is the key to success.
I am not against it,but I wanted to prove to him that if one is determined and passionate, you’re actually going to be successful not necessarily just school, by then he was totally against it but now he is happy to see at this tender age the achievements we’ve got”.

Established in 2015, this young group of talents have gone beyond Nollywood as a result of their incredible skills. Apart from making viral short movies, the critics have been nominated and recognised for their exploits including at the -African Smart Phone International Film Festival 2020. They’ve been also featured on BBC, CNN, the Billboard among other international media platforms.
To connect with The Critics, follow them on Instagram or subscribe to their YouTube channel.

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