Let’s celebrate different shades of brown with Beyoncé latest “Brown Skin Girl”

Beyoncé has shared a fresh video for ‘Brown Skin Girl’. The track seems on the singer’s current visual album ‘Black Is King’, and features Kelly Rowland, Naomi Campbell, her daughter Blue Ivy and actor Lupita Nyong’o.

After listening to the song for the original time, we knew that we loved it — the vocals, the flow, the lyrics, all. The second time about, we still bobbed in our head to the beat with the natural thoughts of how gifted Bey is, but we kind of felt something inside us begin to swirl. By the third listen, the heart was pounding as the songs meaning actually sets in.

Like many of Beyonce’s recent videos, the Jenn Nkiru-directed clip is almost more like a sequence of paintings than a conservative video, with Beyonce and numerous others appearing in a chain of stunning settings and outfits. It may have been filmed numerous months ago, as modest social distancing is in support.

The singer completed the commanding visuals for the affecting track available to the world via YouTube and fans are passionate all over again. In an exceptional message shared on Monday’s Good Morning America, Beyonce explained: ‘It was so important in Brown Skin Girl that we represented all different shades of Brown and I wanted every character to be shining in a regal light.”

Well, yes Goddess you definitely did that and we can’t thank you enough for that. The video gives the vibes of so much power and confidence to each on out there whether brown or not.

Brown Skin Girl” is clearly significant for women of color to hear. We, too, wish that younger identity could have listened to the song throughout those moments in which we felt minor basically because of the manner we naturally look. But there’s something especially noteworthy about being uplifted by someone, someone like Beyonce with an open, powerful platform; someone who can assist in rebuilding the perceptions of blackness by displaying that it deserves to be appreciated and valued because it’s a fraction of who we are as human beings.

As much as Beyoncé’s video celebrates Brown Shades in totality, we could not help but just to bow down for the queen.


Watch the video below to Understand what the excitement is about.




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